It shouldn’t. If there is a smell, then you waited too long to change the compostable bag that lines your countertop container. The bag should be changed when full or every 3-4 days. The compostable bags and frequency with which you move them into the 5 gallon bucket will help to minimize odors.

When you sign up we will let you know what day your pick up is.

We would prefer that your bin is located at the end of the driveway, but it shouldn’t be located next to trash or recycling as it is likely to get tossed! Your front stoop, porch or at the intersection of your front walk and driveway are likely choices and places that are safe and easy for all. We will assess your site and indicate a location before your 1st pick up. If you have a preference, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.

We are currently servicing areas in the Hudson Valley of NY, Hoboken, NJ and Jersey City, NJ. Check the map on our services page to see if we're in your neighborhood.

We are growing our routes based on demand, so let us know you’re interested so we can develop a route near you as soon as possible.

We understand that any additional cost can be a burden. However, you’re on this site because you understand the value in this program. So how can you still participate?
• Do it yourself! Get a compost tumbler, set up a bin, give to your food scraps to your CSA, etc. There are many ways to participate. For composting at home, build your own backyard bin or purchase one of the many models on the internet. Pick one that’s easy to use and do it!
• Organize your neighborhood and we will develop a plan around 5 or more homes or apartments.

A 5-gallon bucket holds a lot so talk to your neighbor about sharing a bin.

• Do it yourself! Get a compost tumbler, set up a bin, give your food scraps to your CSA etc. – there are many ways to participate. For home, find a type of bin you like or select from the many models on the internet. Pick one that’s easy to use and just do it!

Low tech! Our primary collection equipment are bikes with trailers. A small truck is used where the weight or volume of material dictates. Our bike trailers bring material to a central location, where we transfer the material for truck transport to a local farm or compost facility. The bikes offer a pollution free and quieter alternative to the waste trucks, thus further improving the air and quality of life in your neighborhood.