User Agreement

By using this service, you accept and agree to the following terms.

Community Compost Company will provide a 5 gallon bucket for collecting food scraps. The bucket shall be placed in the location indicated by the customer on the sign up form by 8:00 AM on the assigned collection day. If the bucket is not in the noted location at that time, the Company will not return to collect until the customer's next assigned day. Alternatively, the customer can pay $5.00 for the bucket to be collected prior to the next collection day.

The provided bucket should be placed in a secure location and away from garbage and recycling containers to avoid theft or accidental disposal with trash and recycling. In the case of theft or accidental disposal, the Company will provide one free replacement bucket. After the first replacement, the customer will incur a fee of $10.00 for each additional replacement bucket.

If using a free trial promotional code, the customer will not be charged for service during the term noted by the promotion. If the customer should choose to end service directly after the free trial, the bucket shall be returned to the company or the participant will be charged $15.00, for the cost of the bucket.

Thank you for your participation,

Community Compost Company